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The idea of a 20in20 challenge is to create 20 icons in 20 days and in this community your theme will be an episode from any TV show of your choice.

celeb20in20 was the first comm to come up with this wonderful idea but there are many others for almost everything!To get involved all you have to do is sign up before the start of the month! There will only be a certain number of spaces for voting purposes.

You don't have to choose a specific subject (aside from your episode), you can make icons of any characters/scene/ships for all themes. (unless otherwise stated so)
There will be 10 themes, 5 icons for a certain category and 5 artist choice icons.

1. To participate you must be signed up, the signups will be held from the end of the last round (so usually from the 31st until the total number of spots will be filled.
2. Icon entries must be new/fit lj standards and be posted in a public(!) post, at least until voting is closed.
3. The challenges will (usually) run from the 10th to the 30th of the month.
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